Ah shit

Ah shit

ah shit

Is het het Nespressoapparaat dat wraak neemt op de losse koffie, of de losse koffie op het apparaat? Of nemen ze gewoon allebei wraak op mij vanwege mijn wederzijds vreemd gaan?

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    Mary-This is such a great post for today…just love the history you provide and how fun are souffle's love the few ingredients needed. I can only imagine the dishes, utensils and pans, you must possess…you must be very organized. Have a great day.

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    , I’m in all-out studio mode atm, so perhaps it just hit me at the right time. Though I must say, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between it and Rock N Roll by Ryan Adams, so I guess I’m subconsciously wishing it was a little more upbeat as well.

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