Trade Your Mother: Zuursalon, vinegar edition

Trade Your Mother: Zuursalon, vinegar edition

Ever wondered what that strange layer of growth on top of your vinegar was? Mother of vinegar is not only a cellulose and acetic acid bacteria substance which ferments alcohol into vinegar, it is also a fascinating bio-material. At the upcoming Zuursalon we take on the world of vinegar with Manfred Meeuwig, Simone van Thull, Stef Brok van Edits, and Meneer Wateetons bringing their expertise on vinegar pickling, speed vinegar, and vinegar Mothers.

Join us and trade your Mother for another!

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Manfred Meeuwig – Meeuwig en Zn.
During the Zuursalon you will have the opportunity to do a comparative tasting as Manfred introduces us to the highest level of vinegar: Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale D.O.P.

Simone van Thull – Thull’s Pickels & Stock
For this vinegar edition of Zuursalon she will explain how to preserve your food using vinegar.

Sjef Brok van Ediks
On a vinegar with such a low ph that it’s actually not allowed to be called a vinegar.

Meneer Wateetons – Curator Zuursalon
The fermentation master will give a demo on how to make speed-vinegar, your own vinegar of any type, within a couple of days.

Coming up

July 16 / July 24 – Deconstructing Systems: A Car
Olivier Oosterbaan and Victor Engbers are going to take apart a Fiat Panda, in order to understand the world. Exhibition and full week program. Official opening july 15th 16:00.

Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

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