Mozzarella, gemaakt tijdens de afgelopen kop tot staart workshop

Mozzarella, gemaakt tijdens de afgelopen kop tot staart workshop

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      Oh, beautifully said. You could have been describing my brain, too. It’s so hard to be gentle with yourself–that’s the key for my mental health. It’s so easy to spend precious resources beating yourself up instead of building your reserves and spending them wisely.That’s my goal for 2012. Be gentle to myself.Thank you for this post.LJCohen´s last blog post ..Like? 0

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      I have a very similar recipe that my mother always made. My sister renamed it Annie’s Fudge Cake Squares. Only difference was it has 1/2 cup flour, 2 squares of chocolate and 1 cup pecan halves. Very easy to double. Very fudgey!! I get rave reviews from friends when I bring to events. I’ve always thought it must be a very old recipe. Great piece you’ve journaled about!

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      oh mon dieu je veux faire l amour à l auteuret moi qui dis tout le temps parangon!!!Son nom demeurera bien après que nous aurons oublié jusqu’à l’orthographe de Novak Djokovicon devrait mettre cette phrase en citation principale de 15love!

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    i have a blocked salivary gland, did nothing except tell me if it didn’t go down i’d hafta see an orla surgeon. so i go home, locate said blocked gland. had a tiny white thing on it. long fingernails took care of that and a lot faster than this guy too. when it popped off a rush of water came out and i “milked” my throat of the fluid by pushing upward on it. didn’t hurt a bit.

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    Very good indeed. Always love photographing waterfalls and creating these dream-like photos… but never any as good as this one. Great colours and composition.Before I read the description I could see that there was something extra in the processing… been meaning to play around with Photomatix and jump-on the HDR bandwagon

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    Some times a guest can be difficult to deal with, but you have to remember that its just better to make them happy. I would give them a free salad next time they come in and just give them back the tip out of my own pocket. Just focus on the long term value of the guest rather than policy or the cost of the salad.

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